Matteo & Gaspard

My name is Matteo Batazzi, I am a UI/UX Designer based in Paris with over 10 years of experience. I design usable websites and applications for desktop and mobile devices.

Currently, I am working for Work4, the leader in Facebook recruiting solutions as the Lead Product Designer. In the past years, I worked and lived four years in Rome (Italy) and two years in Madrid, (Spain). I speak French, Italian, Spanish and English fluently.

Also, I write code and blog posts on a website I created for Blizzard's game Heroes of the Storm called Psionic Storm, enjoy taking pictures, playing music and spending time with my family.

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to send me an email or ping me on Twitter.

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Recent Work

  • Work4 work4labs.com

    Work4 is the global leader in Social and Mobile Recruiting. I joined the company in 2013. I am in charge of the design of the Work for Us Facebook App, Jobboard mobile & desktop, and several products dedicated to recruiting managers (Social Job Sharing, Graph Search Recruiter, Social Referrals).

    Also: A/B tests, data driven decisions, HTML integration, CSS with SASS using Atomic Design and BEM methodology and a bit of Javascript with Backbone.js (I am not a developer, I am just curious).

    Social Referrals @ Work4 Social Referrals @ Work4 Social Referrals @ Work4 Social Referrals @ Work4
  • Game of Home

    Game of Home is a concept app that turns chores into some sort of social game.

    Game of Home
  • Psionic Storm psionic-storm.com

    Psionic Storm is a website created around the Blizzard's online brawler: Heroes of the Storm. All information around Heroes in French can be accessed through desktop or any mobile device. Users can create their own builds and share them with their friends.

    Psionic Storm - Talent Calculator Psionic Storm Logo Psionic Storm Facebook Ad Psionic Storm - Hero: Uther
  • The Watcher

    The Watcher is a concept app created to manage your TV Shows watchlist.

    The Watcher
  • Adaptive Media Player

    The Adaptive Media Player is a media player which adapts to the window size, like responsive design. The song progress is represented by the progressive coloration of the album cover.

    Adaptive Media Player Full Adaptive Media Player Full Medium Adaptive Media Player Tiny

Get in touch

To get in touch you can send me an email to Please enable Javascript to view the contact, contact me on LinkedIn or send me a tweet.